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Welcome! Welcome to Casa di Mirea. Casa di Mirea comes from an idea, an intuition, a dream, but mainly from one word: LOVE. The LOVE for the sea, the sun, Grado and our huge love for Mirea and our family.

Casa di Mirea is an expression of hospitality and culinary innovation. We pay attention to the detail because we believe details make the difference. Casa di Mirea is in Grado, where the fishermen’s boats and the captivating scent of the sea air will easily enchant you. Here the sunsets are works of art difficult to catch on canvas and the sea and the sky seem to flow daily, drawing different shapes. Casa di Mirea is the perfect home to immerse into and live Grado’s spirit and colours to the fullest.

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Let us introduce ourselves

During your stay we will be at your complete service!
Mirea, Patrizio, Denise and Gianni will be your hosts


My name is Denise Falcomer, I’m an entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness sectors. I specialise in oriental disciplines, namely massages to re-balance your energy, crystal therapy and Tibetan bells. Like all good Italian mothers, I love cooking and I am very creative with organic, zero-mile food. There’s a famous, old Italian song “Aggiungi un posto a tavola, che c’è un amico in più” which I think represents me best, meaning that there is always a plate-full of food ready for you, whenever.


My name is Gianni Carmine. I have always been a fun of architecture and interior finishes and I am an entrepreneur with a passion for personal and professional growth. I work with different companies as a consultant focussing on communication skills in order to improve both their performance and interpersonal relationships.

Patrizio & Mirea

Patrizio is our older child, he studies psychology and economics. His main interests are humanities and businesses and he is also into ICT. He has initiative and is very friendly and sociable. The moment he found out about the B&B project he asked to be involved in entertaining guests, managing social media and the daily activities.

Mirea is our little one, very used to be surrounded by people, extremely easy-going and cheerful. She is our mascot!

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